Hart Dietary Procedure Plan

If you’re here it’s because you’re interested in the information presented in the article “Oxalic Acid The Cure for Cancer.” Difficult as it may be to comprehend, the information detailing the entire procedure is free. Have you ever heard, “Freely Received therefore Freely Given?”

For information on how oxalic acid kills all abnormal cells, including cancer cells, simply go to http://www.coljoe.com

If you want to investigate further into how hard this man has attempted to capture the attention of those who could make a difference, go to: http://www.coljoe.net

If you wish to talk to Colonel Joe personally with any and all questions, his home phone number is (479) 451-8517. This man works tirelessly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He simply wants the world to know there is an answer to defeating cancer, bacterial and viral infections, cardio and vascular problems, and a host of other problems including emphysema, COPD, etc. How about the common cold? This can be stopped in its tracks.

As mentioned, he has been issued three (3) patents. All the information can be found by going to: http://www.uspto.gov Once you’re there enter the following patent numbers to view each patent in its entirety: 6,133,318, 6,133,317, and 6,407,141 Colonel Joe went to the expense and hard work to patent his discovery with the express intent of protecting the discovery from those that would do whatever they could to profit from the information. By having the patents, Colonel Joe has complete control in keeping the cost of any pharmaceutical pills, lotions, mouthwashes, etc., they may eventually be created at a bare minimum. He cannot tolerate the idea of ill persons being taken advantage of and harmed.

I’ve personally known this great man for 7 years, and I’m still absolutely fascinated with his dedication and work.

My only goal in writing the article and directing you to his websites is to spread the word and do the best I can to continue this grassroots endeavor.

31 Responses to “Hart Dietary Procedure Plan”

  1. Fred Ruddell Says:

    Very interesting information; today is January 18th 2008. I have been on a 84% raw food diet that unfortunately for me does include some citrus fruits. I shall now begin following the prescribed diet. I don’t have a microwave and will attempt to keep my cell phone away from prostate area and limit i’ts usage.
    Thanks for the opportunity to read this information

  2. Oxalic Acid - The Cure For Cancer | Qabbie : Information, Tips, Articles and more.. Says:

    […] Imagine never having to worry about getting cancer. Imagine treating cancer simply and inexpensively. Imagine a world where cancer is not a concern. For a free complete explanation and treatment plan go to: https://rebecca127.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/hart-dietary-procedure-plan/ […]

  3. Pauline Klohr Says:

    A friend directed me to The Hart Plan to treat my dog, diagnosed a month ago with a month to live, due to an aggressive cancer in his face. He’s still going,
    with no adverse affects we can detect yet….Hope were onto something…..

  4. i support breast cancer Says:

    […] Imagine never having to worry about getting cancer. Imagine treating cancer simply and inexpensively. Imagine a world where cancer is not a concern. For a free complete explanation and treatment plan go to: https://rebecca127.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/hart-dietary-procedure-plan/ […]

  5. Melissa Pickering Says:

    My husband was diagnosed with APML. (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia) We found this out on September 2, 2008. He had been to the ER the end of July, barely able to walk and was diagnosed with sciatica on the right side (later found out it was the leukemia even then) and sent home with some muscle relaxers, pain meds, etc which drowned the symptoms somewhat for a very short time. Then, as another month went by- things worsened and he ended up back in the ER after his regular physician had ran a blood test and was concerned that his symptoms and lab work were “along the lines of leukemia.” I’ll never forget that moment when I heard those words from my husband. I looked up leukemia on the internet and found my husband had almost every symptom. Then, the bone marrow test confirmed it. He spent the month in the hospital. He was on chemo for 7 days straight- all day, all night- and was taking ATRA pills. He developed the ATRA syndrome. Things happened so quickly, but my husband ended up in CCU, on a ventilator, receiving dialysis, etc. His body was shutting down and there was specialist after specialist caring for him. Some didn’t expect him to survive. We had many people across the nation praying for him. We received a miracle! And, we give God all the glory! He had another bone marrow test where we found out he is in “complete remission”! The word “remission” I despise just about as much as “cancer” itself. A man, bless this man, told my husband about Col Joe and his websites. We prayed and felt that God had put this before us. The oncologist wanted my husband to go through 2 more rounds of chemo and take those ATRA pills again and I know a long road of treatments ahead of him… To which my husband said he wanted to just try this “diet”. My husband is due for a follow-up on Friday where they will run a special blood test. Apparently, they are looking for any signs of the leukemia. My husband feels better than he has in a long time. He’s doing amazing! I can tell you this, if he were doing it their way, he would not be as good as he is right now. I had told him that I support him 100% and he could do the treatments or do the “diet” and he chose to do the “diet” and I was just so thankful that he was well enough and able to make this decision for himself. I have been doing the “diet” along with him. I have shared Col. Joe’s information to as many as I can. I know that together- WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! More of a difference, because I know Col. Joe has helped so many already. And, we can confirm his solution for the cold & flu because my husband had a cold and I had the flu and we did the mouth rinse procedure and it works! I have set up a site just recently, trying to reach more people: http://www.myspace.com/tryingtomakeadifference. If we can’t reach large sums of people at once, maybe it starts out with one person, telling the people they know and then them telling all the people they know, etc. My hope would be that everyone would come to know Col. Joe’s name. I am so thankful to him that he has never given up and continues to help so many of us. God Bless.

  6. Melissa Pickering Says:

    This is just a short update from my last post:
    On Friday, Dec. 12, 2008- we found out that my husband’s blood test came back with “nothing there.” NO signs of any leukemia, NO signs of anything abnormal, etc.
    He has went the month of Oct, Nov and half of Dec with NO chemo and NO ATRA pills. According to statistics, there’s a big chance that my husband should be lying on his death bed again at this time. HE IS NOT!
    We praise God first and foremost (for everything) and we know that God put this before us and we thank Col Joe for all that he does.
    I really have no words to express what I feel. I do know that this is the best Christmas present we could have received!
    Now our lives don’t have to revolve around cancer, but around living and helping others! Why would we not continue to do this “diet” that will allow us to live without worries of cancer? It’s more than just a “diet”- I think of it as a new way of life and if it’s going to keep cancer out of our lives- a much better life at that! : )

  7. Isabelle Nicol Says:

    My 46 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. I, too, would very much like to believe in Coljoe’s diet but have read about two women who say they followed the diet and either got worse, or became worse and also developed kidney stones. They feel the diet may be good for some types of cancer but unless a woman is using an “estrogen blocker” it will not work.
    I would appreciate any comments from people who may have some knowledge about the pluses or cons of this diet. Thank you very much.

  8. mercerd Says:

    interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  9. bedUteltyKept Says:

    Amazing, really awesome subject. I will blog about it also!!

  10. misty Says:

    We need info on foods that are natural estrogrn blockers
    Its great to read your info., but before I leave this page I wanted to make this request in case I don’t find the info. on foods that block estrogen. Tremendous thanks to each of you for all you’ve done !!!!!!!!!

    • rebecca127 Says:

      Citrus Foods
      Fruits (except apples, cherries, dates, pomegranates)
      Green beans
      White rice
      White flour

    • Noya Davis Says:

      my mother has 1 month to live – she has advanced endometrial cancer. can this diest help?
      what to do?

      • rebecca127 Says:

        I would suggest that your mother try….is there really another answer? Please contact Colonel Joe at 479-451-8517. He will be more than happy to assist.

  11. Nilsa Billerbeck Says:

    My spouse and i came across this upon, enjoy writing this, that what exactly ended up being searching for!

  12. Oxalic Acid – The Cure For Cancer – World Medicine In One Place Says:

    […] Imagine never having to worry about getting cancer. Imagine treating cancer simply and inexpensively. Imagine a world where cancer is not a concern. For a free complete explanation and treatment plan go to: https://rebecca127.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/hart-dietary-procedure-plan/ […]

  13. willie Says:

    Been on the treatment for almost 3 years, including the oxalic acid rinse.
    Doctors keep pushing chemo but i’m sticking to my carrot juice and berries. The Doctors seem to be surprised i’m still around

  14. diane Says:

    I have a healthy cures book from the 1800s. One of the main cures for cancer is Sourgrass (Sheep Sorrel). I was amazed by it. Sourgrass is high in oxalic acid. I would love to see some more research about oxalic acid and cancer. My brother just died of non smokers lung cancer, so this type of information just fuels my fire.

  15. lilli Says:

    I have been on the diet for about 4.5 months and am concerned with the estrogen comments does anyone know more about this ??? I did have severe swelling of breast at three week in period which I thought may have stopped the cancer but it has not and now appears as if tumor is adhered to underlying skin any tips helpful blessings !!! Why would the estrogen inhibit the acid ?? would love to get in contact with anyone who has had success

  16. Oxalic Acid – The Cure For Cancer - Cancer Cures - Cancer Cures Says:

    […] Imagine never having to worry about getting cancer. Imagine treating cancer simply and inexpensively. Imagine a world where cancer is not a concern. For a free complete explanation and treatment plan go to: https://rebecca127.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/hart-dietary-procedure-plan/ […]

  17. greenLLLLL@yahoo.com Says:

    i love this diet. bought the book. very interesting reading. it makes me feel euphoric. Baha’is know that curing with food is the best way to go, so books like this naturally stand out. Glad to find it and this book is a gem to me. I’m a trucker and have never seen this carrot juice anywhere, still, McD’s has $1 iced-tea all over the country, so, I still get to enjoy the oxylic acid. I do enjoy it too, love it. I highly recommend.

  18. Jan Isherwood Says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing~

  19. diane Says:

    Can i contact you Rebecca, through e mail ? Thanks

    • rebecca127 Says:

      Hi Diane: I would rather communicate with comments on this blog. Many times those interested also benefit from the discussions. Thanks Diane.

  20. diane Says:

    Hi Rebecca. Im so glad that i can reach you. I came across the diet 2 and half years ago and have looked into all the science that Col joe has claimed, and i have no doubt this diet should work. It would be my first choice out of all the anti cancer protocols available. I have not got cancer myself but have lost many family and friends. There are a few people i know now that have the dreaded illness, and i want to recommend this diet, but one thing i’m unsure of is the emergency procedure with the chocolate kisses. I’m in the UK and need to know if its milk chocolate and would 4 normal squares be the right amount. I’m thinking that one person is late liver cancer and i think he will need this . So much appreciated for your time . So sad to hear that Col Jo has passed, God bless him. His work needs to be recognised, as there don’t seem to much info available on the net. Thanks Rebecca . Oh and i managed to get another two books from the US for cheaps, i have seen that his book are being sold extortionate prices now.(UK). thanks again.

  21. rebecca127 Says:

    Hi Diane. I’m delighted to hear that you were able to find the books at a reasonable cost. Colonel Joe would be furious to know that they are being sold at such high prices. His aim was never to profit, only cover expenses. Re your question about the Hershey’s kisses…yes, 4 is right for an adult (2 for children). Hershey’s does make dark chocolate kisses and those would be even better. I’m so thankful you have the book as it outlines in great detail how to address so many different types of disease and cancer. Best of luck to your friend and please remember to avoid the “blockers” as that is just as important as introducing more acid into the blood system.

  22. diane Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry but can we use normal squares of a bar of chocolate . Can we use the 70% cocoa dark chocolate? I wouldn’t want anyone to overdose on the emergency procedure. As Col joe said Aldi is fine chocolate. Does this procedure build the acid up to the level where its suppose to be or just kick start ? I know Col Joe was a humble man and would not have wanted to make huge profits. Thats how the world is i’m afraid to say. Im so glad i have his book, and acquired another one the other day for £9.Do you know anyone who has accomplished with this diet. I have heard people have cured their cancer with carrot juice alone. Thanks for your time much appreciated Diane.

  23. rebecca127 Says:

    The 70% cocoa dark chocolate is fine. The goal is to build the acid up to a level that is therapeutic. The only way to know this level is to wait to see if there is too much acid in the blood. The book outlines the physical signs that there is too much acid and how to address the issue. Simply back off a little on the consumption of high oxalate foods or beverages. As for fear of overdosing, please don’t be afraid. The signs of too much acid will make it known. The main idea is to back off…not introduce blockers. There is a section on the use of B6 if you need to flush the system then introduce the high oxalate foods and beverages again. I suggest re-reading that particular section of the book.

    Yes, I do know people (several) who have cured their cancer with this diet. One in particular had breast cancer that had spread to the bone and she was sent home to die literally in a wheel chair. Her mother used the diet to completely clear her daughter of cancer. Have all been cured? No. Do I believe this diet is the answer to curing all cancer? No. For me, the diet makes a great deal of sense and beats the cut, burn, or poison methods.

    • diane Says:

      Thanks for your reply. I will tell people and hope it helps them. If we get any results i will be letting you know don’t worry. thanks again .

  24. Sondra Rubin Says:

    I am using the diet and I have a few questions, do you know anyone who could help me? I know he passed away.

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